Job opening: professional medical assistant

Dept: SHE .

Hiring: Nantong Xingchen HR Dept

Work location: Nantong, Jiangsu province

Number of positions available: 1

Job type: full employee

Job search time: May 2012

Job description:

Active participation in safety concerns, medical treatment, and rehabilitation of employees in case of occupational or non-occupational injuries or illnesses, as well as general health and social welfare.

Main responsibilities:

1.Oversee operations at the company dispensary

2.Cooperate with affiliated hospital in developing employee physical examinations

3.Gather employee health information and records

4.Help train employees and supervisors in dealing with chemical product risks, preventive measures, and healthcare awareness

5.Maintain records of exposure to hazardous or poisonous materials

6.Help prepare emergency medical procedures


1.Education above the junior college level with medical service or nurse training; work experience in medical services preferred

2.Professional medical background

3.A good knowledge of State and local occupational health regulations

4.Good communication skills

5.A sense of teamwork

6.Able to deal with emergency situations

Salary: negotiable

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