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R&D center of Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd ( “Nantong Xingchen”) mainly undertakes the R&D works of new products and new technologies as well as achievement transformation in the fields of PBT engineering plastics,BPA,epoxy resins and PPE, etc. We are in possess of national, provincial and municipal high-level scientific and technological innovation platforms, such as PBT Sub-center of National Engineering Technology Research Center for Mechanical Structure Engineering Plastics. A large number of S&T innovation talents in industries of new chemical materials and refined chemicals also work for Nantong Xingchen. They have engaged in synthesis and compound research on polymer materials, epoxy resins, PBT, PPE and so on. In addition, the R&D equipment and testing facilities boast high rankings in both domestic and international industries. In order to respond to the market and develop new products rapidly and efficiently, Nantong Xingchen has actively set up a R&D management system Integrated Product Development (IPD), and carried out “industry – university- research” cooperation with relevant domestic universities and design institutes, which speeds up the promotion of our own R&D level furtherly.

“New Science, New Future”is the strategic orientation of ChemChina. Nantong Xingchen commits to improve the core competitive strength in the field of new chemical material through technological progress, aiming to meet needs from customers by developing differentiated products.


Epoxy Resin R&D accelerates the development of special and environmental products in short supply of the market. Besides BPA type epoxy resins, new differentiated varieties are developed, such as BPF type epoxy resins, flame-retarded epoxy resins, water-borne epoxy resins, toughened epoxy resins, weatherproof epoxy resins, composite epoxy resins, curing agent and epoxy active diluent. Nantong Xingchen devotes to the development of special variety products which can meet the special application requirements of electronical components, copper-clad laminates, wind-power blades, LED encapsulation and decorative adhesives. In addition, Nantong Xingchen actively promotes epoxy compound materials application research on the fields of new energy vehicles, automobile lightweight, ships, airplanes and aerospace, which contributes a lot to national key projects and national defense, such as “Shenzhou” spacecraft and “Chang’e” Project.

In the engineering plastics field, we mainly focus on the development of special products applied in the leading enterprises for subdivision industry. In view of the high-end demands of downstream industries, such as automobile, lighting, electronic and electrical product, optical cable and spinning, Nantong Xingchen develops differentiated PBT resins and relative compounded engineering plastic products to meet the increasingly strict application requirements.

The PPE R&D mainly focuses on the synthesis of 10 kta PPE and the development of key supporting technologies. As one of the five major engineering plastics, PPE has excellent chemical resistance and electronic performance, which has irreplaceable application in the fields of automobile, new energy battery, photovoltaic product, office equipment, medical treatment and electronic communication.

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