Corporate Culture

BlueStar was founded 20 years ago by several enterprising young people and, over the years, BlueStar’s people have inherited that pioneering spirit and have helped shape the company into one of China’s very best in the chemical industry. Through their constant efforts, the company has developed unified goals and values, which have grown into a distinct corporate culture.

Corporate philosophy

After discovering that China was wasting 17.5 million tons of coal each year because of boiler scaling, and that there was no professional cleaning business, BlueStar decided to set up a professional industrial cleaning company, make better use of science and technology, and do something for the country and the corporate philosophy “revive industry to serve the country” was born. Since then, BlueStar has dedicated itself to reviving the nation’s industries to let the country and society benefit. In the process, BlueStar developed its own value system, which also serves the national and public interest and works to instill a patriotic sense in the entire business process.

Behavioral philosophy

BlueStar’s basic conditions at the very beginning were a technology, seven and half people, a work shed, 10,000 yuan, and a caravan. With barely enough capital or experience to sustain them, the small group relied on hard work and their collective wisdom, such as “Finding a way from no way” and “Finishing impossible jobs”, which kept them going, through difficulties and joyous times and guided their behavior.

In providing customer services and trying to over-fulfill their expectations, we’ve met with many challenges, but the expression, “Nothing’s difficult if you put your heart into it” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” has given us power and has helped us overcome difficulties and realize our dreams.

BlueStar concepts

Talent: Everyone is capable of doing something

Quality: Products represent morals

Culture: All rivers run to the sea

Employment: Only use loyal people

Money: Money is society’s recognition of diligence and abilities

Development: Develop before distribution

Interpersonal relations: A hedgerow in between keeps friendships green

Survival: People need to be mutually dependent

Friendships and profits: People who forget friendship for profit are despicable

Sales: Existence decides sales and efforts find a market

Success: Detail makes for success

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