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Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0513-8599-7818

Fax: 0513-8551-7254

Address: 118 Jianggang Rd, Nantong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu province

Postcode: 226017

Contact Person Department Contact Information
Zhou Jianjun Deputy general manager of Epoxy Resin Product Chain 0513-85997965
Liu Deshun Sales manager of East China (Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997959
Jiang Chunxia Sales manager of International trade(Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997926
Wang Yin Sales manager of Southwest Northwest China (Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997940
Gao Rong Sales manager of South China (Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997945
Zhu Lei Sales manager of electronic commerce(Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997898
Zhu Kang Director of Operations(Epoxy Resin) 0513-85997967
Zhang Yan Customer Service Leader  (PBT,C-PBT) 0513-85997888
Tang Jianfeng Sales Leader (PBT,C-PBT) 0513-85997877
Lily Zhao Export Director(PPE,PBT) 0513-85997855

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